Our Services


Audio Services

  • Original language audio production
  • Casting and talent management services
  • Voice recording and video facial capture
  • Sound design and music
  • Asset integration
  • International in-country voice over recording (45+ countries)
  • International casting and talent management
  • Asset management, pre-production and script adaptation
  • Post-production, voice EFX, audio QA
  • Mastering and mixing


Audio Localization


  • Localization engineering services
  • Translation and adaptation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Transcreation and creative writing
  • Age-rating support
  • Geopolitical assessment
  • Graphic design
  • Localization process consultancy
  • Expert project management
  • Game specific localization content management software




Localization QA

  • Localization QA testing
  • Play through on localized languages
  • General functionality and implementation testing on localized languages
  • Localization compliance testing verifying hardware manufacturer terminology and naming conventions
  • Stand-alone linguistic reviews
  • Manual and printed/ online material checks



Functionality QA


  • Functional testing services
  • Hardware certification testing
  • Stress and load testing
  • Hardware compatibility testing for PC and mobile devices
  • Community-based testing
  • User experience testing
  • Focus groups
  • Network performance assessments and testing
  • Closed beta user testing management
  • Managed services provision


What We Offer

Sound Design

50% is sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.

Audio recording

The best quality of sound throughout Latin America.


We have developed an innovative and unique testing process that delivers top quality results whilst also generating significant cost savings. .

Quality Assurance

Faster bug reporting and fixing.


Translation is the fundamental part of the game .

Project Management

We can handle the entire project with the languages you need.