About Us

About Us


Voltaic is an international technical service provider to the global Video Game Industry with studios in Mexico City, and more than 80 partners around the world. We provide a range of translation, testing, audio, customer care and art production services to Video Game Developers and Publishers alike.


Our goal has always been not to simply sell services but to solve customers issues by taking off business weight, providing a successful solution to your ongoing and constantly changing needs and adding value to your business.


The combination of professional and experienced team and upgrading technology enables us to effectivly serve the world multimedia market, driven by globalization and viewer migration.


Voltaic helps games publishers and developers increase their sales and strengthen their brand worldwide while reducing overall globalization costs and optimizing budgets. Major industry players have chosen us as the backbone of their Globalization/Localization process.


Our integrated global solutions not only increase the overall quality of localized titles, but also support Publishers and Developers in staying within budget and making it to market on time. Voltaic Studios means:


  • The Best Quality
  • Always On Time
  • Always On Budget


Voltaic is a creator of audio experiences, committed to enriching players lives with original and memorable gaming immersion.



The video games industry represents the pinnacle of interactive digital content. At Voltaic, we are using our passion for games, technology and media to create a global services platform for video games.


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We are here to Help you To have the best localization in history in each video game