Our localization service covers all aspects of the game localization process. We expertly manage pre-production, translation, audio recording, desktop publishing and quality control supporting you through the certification and age rating submission processes.

Strong Centralized Project Management
You will be assigned a single Project Manager who will take care of any aspect of your project and will be your only point of contact.


Localization and functional testing are key phases for the release of any software or any digital media. We have developed an innovative and unique testing process that delivers top quality results whilst also generating significant cost savings. 

Functional, linguistic, certification and internationalization testing are carried out simultaneously by highly trained native testers who are supported in logging bugs by our professional teams of linguists, engineers and certification consultants.


The developers need to feature just the right amount of realisim and interactivity with the gameĀ“s aduio enviroment, which means players are able to identify individual sounds as they step into a new room.

As it is no longer possible in many production teams to have only one sound or music designer with all the expertise, there is the need for the conceptualisation of audio in a cooperaive context; an articulation of concepts, structure and the functioning of audio. This thesis aims at contributing to this conceptualisation in the field of game audio.

TECH developMENT

 Develop our own tools give us advantage over the  other studios.



App Development

Script for actors in tablets. They can write over the script for mark their pauses, rhythm, changes, etc. At real time.


Hardware development


We have many customers for develop an amazing hardware like this Drone.


Concept Art


We have more than 15 professional ilustrators and 3D artist in house.