About Us

Voltaic is an international technical service provider to the global Video Game Industry with studios in Mexico City, and more than 80 partners around the world. We provide a range of translation, testing, audio, customer care and art production services to Video Game Developers and Publishers alike.

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We have 24/7 service. Always for your projects.

Online Consulting

Ask anything, we can send you demos, metrics, prices, free test, etc.

Qualified Team

Projects Managers, audio experts, the best movie and dubbing actors, transators, and gamers.

Best Prizes

With our program Zero Bugs, you can’t spend more in time and money.


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We are the Best

We are the first Localization company in LATAM and we know the business.

Always in time

We are always in touch with our customers in each process.

We care about quality

We are a boutique studio. We take care of every detail.

“Half of the storytelling ability is sound.”

                                              Joe Herrington

Struggling to Get Started

We have Best team to Help you

Voltaic helps games publishers and developers increase their sales and strengthen their brand worldwide while reducing overall globalization costs and optimizing budgets. Major industry players have chosen us as the backbone of their Globalization/Localization process.

We create immersive audio localization experiences

Alan Wake

Creepy atmosphere, fantastic combat, and clever storytelling make Alan Wake’s quest thrilling from beginning to end.

Batman Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins is an open world action-adventure game incorporating stealth game tactics.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is not just a game: it’s a cutthroat competitive digital sport where the winners roar in victory and the losers whimper in defeat..

The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an action role-playing game set in an open world mid-crisis Manhattan with destructive environments that can be freely explored by the players..


Video Game Conferences

If you need to know how the localization, translation and management of video games is done, look no further, we will make an entire experience